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Become Famous on Instagram

How to Become Famous on Instagram

Instagram is among the most famous social networking sites, with more than 200 million active members, who share more than 60 million images, and get a whopping 1.6 billion likes every day. If, however, you are new on Instagram, you perhaps are struggling just to get even a few likes and a few followers. But it will not stay this way too long if you learn a few tricks to increase your Instagram followers free, yes, completely free. So, without further wait, let us get to learn these amazing tips that will help you earn fame on Instagram.

1. Be unique

If you so long have just posted pictures of your dinner or some not-so-interesting buildings nearby, then these are the reasons why you have such limited likes. In fact, only your friends are going to like’ such pictures as they, in turn, want you to like theirs similarly boring snaps. So, if you want to move ahead of this limited friend circle, you need to post pics that are differently unique. Even pictures of your pet can earn you followers and likes provided you post something unusual. No matter what kind of pictures you share your passions needs to be clear, so much so, that your followers start identifying you with them.

2. Like others posts too

To become popular on Instagram, and to draw more people into seeing your posts you need to like their stuff as well. Now, this does not mean you randomly will go about liking each and everything you come across. What you should do is like photographs or posts of those people who you want to follow you. Your aim here should not be too high, and just because you have liked posts of a famous celebrity, do not expect him/her to recognize you in the million other like they receive.

3. Create unique hashtags

Hashtags are important and they can also help you earn Instagram followers free, but will every hashtag work the same way? No, unusual hashtags attract more attention. Create a different one for yourself. You have a nice name, but you possibly share your name with many others. So, what can set you different is a unique hashtag. Once you create your personalized hashtag you can use it as a marketing tool in all the social media platforms. Just let some time pass and you will be so glad you put in efforts in creating something unique.

4. Interaction helps

If you post great content people certainly will come, watch, and like it, but you also need to interact and be a part of the conversation. If someone has commented on your post you too should put in efforts and reply. Whenever you get a compliment, you must say a thank you. Try commenting as much as you can on profiles of other industry members, but avoid self-promoting too often. You should use hashtags to locate people in your sphere and geotags to find things happening nearby.

5. Maintain a routine

Just winning attention is not enough, to stay famous you need hold the attention of your audience and for this, you need to keep offering them something they will look forward to. Set up a weekly or daily plan and post accordingly. It will be a great idea to plan your captions in advance. If you plan to push your Insta posts to other social media platforms then think how it will look on Twitter, Facebook, and other places.

6. Have a great profile picture

Your posts will help represent your own Instagram brand, but at the same time give enough attention to your profile picture. The picture should be just perfect and help people recognize you with it, even though they do not know you at all. It will be ideal to post a proper shot of your face and not something in which you can only be partially seen.

7. Never be boring

Last, but not the least, completely avoid being boring. If you have become famous posting pictures of your dog you perhaps would not want to post a picture of anything else. But if you give people the same kind of photos, again and again, they will likely get bored.

Chances are that a themed account may turn repetitive, but if you are intelligent enough you can always find different and new things to share. Mix up your regular feed with something different at least once in a while, and your followers gladly will accept them, and keep following you for more.